Entrepreneur discovers scientific breakthrough with salt water

A young entrepreneur by the name of Chase Hill, now the CMO at finishup.org, recently conducted an experiment with salt water and seed germination and the results were ground breaking.

Question: What is the maximum amount of salt in saltwater that will allow the seeds to germinate?

Hypothesis: The maximum salt level that will allow the seeds to germinate will be the 5 grams of salt solution.

Materials: 10 Petri dishes, a pipette, 100 seeds, distilled water, paper towels, salt, tape (for labeling the Petri dishes)

1) Place 10 seeds on a paper towel in each of the ten Petri dishes
2) In the first dish, apply 10 drops of only distilled water to the seeds. This will be the control.
3) In the remaining nine dishes, apply each of the nine saltwater solutions increasing by increments of 1g of salt for each- the first being 1g of salt mixed with 10 drops of distilled water, the second 2g, third 3g, etc. Label each of the dishes according to the salt solution that was applied.
4) Securely cover the Petri dishes and place them in an area. (An area of sunlight is not required)
5) Observe the dishes daily for three days, record results of which dishes allowed germination.

Control: Petri dish containing 10 seeds and 10 drops of distilled water

Independent Variable: Level of salt in each dish’s solution

Results: Over the course of three days, the seeds were able to germinate in the dishes that contained a 3g of salt solution or less. The first day, none of the seeds had germinated in any dish. In the second day of observation, only the seeds in the control dish had germinated.

All ten seeds had began to sprout. On the third day, there were six seeds that had germinated in the 1g solution dish, five seeds in the 2g solution dish, and three seeds in the 3g solution dish. There were no signs of germination in the remaining Petri dishes. We noticed the saturated paper towel in each dish had absorbed a green color and a pungent smell, almost like urine stains on tile & grout. Below is our data table and a visual graph of the results.

Analysis: Our results did not support our hypothesis. We thought that the seeds would be able to germinate in higher saline water (the 5g solution), but our results show that the highest level of salt solution that allowed seed germination was the 3g solution. Our results weren’t too far off from our hypothesis because we knew that there would be a certain level of salinity that the seeds would not be able to generate in.

Also, we noticed that it took three days for some of the seeds in the higher saline level Petri dishes to germinate. At this rate, we might have been able to see some signs of germination in dishes if we were to observe for 4 or 5 days. Our results were very similar to what we anticipated. As the saline level of water went up, the percent of seed germination went down.

Our control, which was distilled water with no added salt, had by far the healthiest and fastest germinating seeds. Then, as more salt was added to each of the different Petri dishes, the seeds took longer to germinate and didn’t look as healthy. This shows us that these particular seeds do not grow well with a salt water solution.

One uncertainty we had when observing day to day, was that we weren’t always able to tell if a seed had actually germinated yet. A lot of seeds had became swollen almost twice its original size, but had not yet began to split and sprout.

If we were to do this lab again with changes to further our findings, we would observe for longer than three days. Since on the third day we were still seeing new results, it would have been more accurate to test our question if we were to continue recording until no new results were seen day after day. Another alteration we would apply to this lab would be to decrease the interval of each saline level.

For example, instead of increasing by 1 gram of salt per Petri dish, we would decrease that to .5 grams or even .34 grams. The smaller the interval, the more accurate our conclusion will be to the exact amount of saltwater that would allow seed germination.

Overall, we conducted our experiment the way we designed it to be, and although our results differed from our hypothesis, they answered our question.

Warning: Be Careful of Ponzi’s, Says MLM Advisor

Ibiz Interviews was lucky enough to catch up with Sam Shooter, who has been investigating and providing legal advice for MLM companies for 17 years now.

We discussed the new profit share companies that are riding a close line of ponzi…including Frank Calabro’s latest gig 4 Corners Alliance Group.

Enter Sam:

I hear daily earnings per pack have slowed during recent times. Neobux, in my opinion, is playing on the FTC v Amway 1979 ruling which Amway benefited from. The FTC gave criteria for Amway to follow, such as percentages of sales that are actually consumed, nevertheless, Amway in recent times has had to defend itself in countries around the world which has resulted in arrests and closure in certain territories.

People who administer Ponzi, pyramid, cyclers and matrix schemes have discovered advertising is a great enabler to separate money from the sheep. Banners Broker claimed to join the gap between advertisers and publishers – but was a pure Ponzi – then came along AdHitProfits which bridged the gap and made participants click x amount of adverts per day thereby meeting the requirements set out in the FTC v Amway president.

Copycats are abound, many faux AdHitProfits pluck the strings of the greedy. Simple facts are exponential profits are not achieved by clicking 10 banners a day – coo-ee, hello, what school do the victims go to? Only recruiters void of morals earn in these money games yet the sheep line up, hand over their money and try to stamp out negative talk – guffaw!

Neobux members are becoming cult-like in their thinking. Earnings are slowing down. The excuse when earnings have hit the floor will be Neobux was never an investment scheme, but a great place to advertise other nefarious schemes – absolving the pimps in a legal sense.

The loop-hole exploited by AdHitProfits needs resolving by the powers that be, until then, take a look at the Neobux earnings disclaimer which predicts only 1% of members …

For more background on profit-share companies, please refer to our recent Jane Telef interview on My Advertising Pays, which we found to be much cleaner and less-ponzi than other profit share companies.

4 Reasons So Many Bloggers Fail to Find Success When Starting A Blog

blogging-focusMost bloggers end up in total failure. Some even fail to set up their blog properly and never even write one word! This means that most bloggers never come close to their full potential. Don’t let that happen to you- here’s how to start a blog by avoiding these four common pitfalls that ensnare most uninformed would-be bloggers.

Reason #1: Obstacles

Want to start a blog but you have no idea where to start, right? That’s a common problem which even the most successful bloggers had at first, so don’t let clueless-ness stop you. Also, don’t let these things, commonly perceived as obstacles, stand in your way:

  • You know nothing about programming. Heck, you don’t know much about the internet. Not a problem!
  • You have very little money. Also not a problem: it’s very cheap to run a blog, and there are even ways to do it for free.
  • You don’t know how to get started. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of advice on the internet about this.

Obstacles removed, you’ll be blogging in no time…but first read these other pitfalls:

Reason #2: Lack of Focus

If you don’t know where to start, you’re definitely not alone. Here’s a tip: start with an idea that you’re passionate about. Love green tea? Go for it and create the world’s most complete green tea blog. Know a lot about sharpening knives from that year at culinary school? Yup, that’s your blog idea. Your motivation is within you…just find it and you’re golden.

If you don’t have any ideas then maybe it’s not the time for you to start a blog. At minimum, you won’t be making money with your blog if the focus is not there. If your reason for blogging is to make money or drive traffic, you’re going to need more than that to succeed.

Reason #3: Overwhelmed Feelings

There are literally so many options for blogging that the newbie can easily feel overwhelmed. Know your options and quickly narrow down your choices.

  • Don’t get too stuck on things like design or font…these can be changed in seconds at any time.
  • Choose your platform: WordPress is the best for self-hosted blogs. They also offer a free hosted version, as do Weebly, Tumblr and Blogger to name a few of the big ones.
  • If you’re overwhelmed by all you want to say on your blog, that’s a good thing. Pick one and get started!

Reason #4: Too Much Emphasis on Social Media

Facebook is great and so is Twitter…as accessories to your blog. Focus on your writing first, and Social Media comes second to that. On the other hand, don’t underestimate the importance of Social Media. Choose a few more options in addition to the big ones…how about Instagram, for example, if pictures are relevant to your blog. For a professional blog, LinkedIn is good.

Now that you know how to avoid beginning blogger mistakes, there should be nothing holding you back. Go for it!

My Advertising Pays (Interview with Top 150 Earner)

map-interviewWe had some time to catch up with Jane Telef, a top 150 earner in up-and-coming traffic exchange site My Advertising Pays.

What is My Advertising Pays and how does it work?

It’s just an online advertising company. Just like there are tons of places to place ads online, My Advertising Pays is also an advertising platform.

How do you respond to people who say My Advertising Pays is a “pyramid scheme”?

Is it not ironic that when we promote MAPS they call it a pyramid scheme? We are a Pyramid ‘upside’ down as we are our own bosses not working for anyone and we are on top and be proud to tell the 9 to 5 “JOB”.. “Just Over Broke” people.

(Hahah) I like that. What are you using to promote?

Facebook, mostly. Sometimes I blog, but usually people are hitting me up on Facebook now because they are seeing my success.

You seem very motivated to recruit…yeah?

Want to know why you should ‘refer more’ in MAPS? 58 commissions in the last 5 days alone between $5-135 each, totaling $610 (£375) that’s just referral commission in last 5 days alone. Plus I’ve personally sold $560 (£350) of my own product, with a combination of maps traffic exchange & contacts made through MAPS.

Plus signed up 2 people in last 5 days into another business promoted on MAPS and 3 people into MAPS itself.

I’m no guru, I’ve no big list.

I’m a happily married mummy of 2 young children and fit both my business’s round them, a busy house-hold and enjoying life! I do however, work consistently on both myself, my mindset and my business’s and have learnt lots over the last 5 years of being self employed, especially the last year fully online.

I promote this and Four Corners Alliance Group, that’s it.

If your struggling, never quit, keep learning, fail forward and trust your instincts to take inspired action always, listen to your inner voice the good one not the one you need to learn to quieten…

This dream is for everyone that grabs it with both hands.

So, that’s my reasons why I think you should refer more.

Great stuff, Jane. Thanks for taking the time to talk to ibizinterviews.com. We wish you success in all of your entrepreneur endeavors.

iBiz Interviews Top Producers and Performers For Online Businesses

Anytime you want to interview individuals who are experts at what they do, often in the business world you must start at the top and work your way down.

top producer interviewThose elite top producers and income earners are where the real, raw action usually unfolds.

In today’s interview, iBiz talks to a group of expert performers in the online business space about how they became leaders using a proven formula. Their system of choice was Empower Network due to their marketing and training core product line.

Let’s have a taste for what makes them one of the most influential team builders as of late.

Question #1: What is the formula for success?

Answer: There’s one golden rule and motto to follow if your an internet business-minded product, service or opportunity – The 3 C’s of marketing online – Create Capture Convert – from the top down, scratch to start to smart, this is how we flow our business models and concepts for every project and case study we have.

Once we know the end goal, we can work backwords and define what exactly it is we are trying to do, accomplish and achieve. And we do this on everything we do – and that’s what separates the leaders from the crowd.

Question #2: How long until you see results?

Answer: Of course no logical answer can be exactly correct, but once you start following a gameplan, utilizing a system, and honing in on your marketing strategies then things will begin to flow freely very fast. When we talk about the top producing formula for getting results aka earning money online – we know it starts with what you create, how you capture, and what your converting on/with.

In addition, everyone should know that putting yourself in favorable environments will help your odds at success much quicker – get around those who have what you want, and follow the right information and your sure to end up in a good place (always evolving, never revolving) mentally.

Question #3: Who can make this work for them?

Answer: The beauty of any online business is its ability to have unlimited transparency and growth – meaning, if the message and vision are clear – anything can happen with the right marketing.

And that concludes our newest interview. Stay tuned as we will have much more information about the world of marketing, business, and expert entrepreneurialism.

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